...for Weekdays

The following Order of Mass leaflets may be reproduced for local parish use. 

Details of commercially published Participation Aids.

These leaflets offer the text for weekday Mass. The text omits the Gloria and the Creed.

The leaflets are arranged as follows:

Text for Weekdays: A5 92.88 kB
Two sides of A4 designed to be folded to form a four-page A5 booklet

Text for Weekdays: A5 two-colour 93.42 kB
The same as the A5 pdfs but with the rubrics and commentary in red

Text for Weekdays: A4 large print 73.88 kB
Four sides of A4 which may be printed on A3. Uses serif font and the spoken text is 15 point (size)


Full Text

...with Nicene Creed
as full text but with only the Nicene Creed

...with Apostles' Creed
as full text but with only the Apostles' Creed