Resources for Holy Week in the Roman Missal

Easter Vigil - Congregation

The celebrations of Holy Week, Palm Sunday and the Paschal Triduum, stand at the heart of the Church's year. The third edition of the Roman Missal offers a new translation of these liturgies which Priests and other ministers will need to prepare well so that they will be celebrated worthily.

The third edition introduces a number of small changes to these liturgies. Above all the aim of these changes is to place an emphasis on the liturgies, where the various ministers are well prepared and the texts of the liturgy are sung. This is an opportunity for parishes to consider what is new but also review their current practice in the light of the Missal.

To assist parishes prepare for these liturgies a number of handouts have been prepared. They follow a similar pattern: an outline of the structure of the liturgy; a note of what is new, in general terms, for Priests, and for Deacons (one area of change is the greater reference to the role of the Deacon); 'for consideration' highlights a number of broader aspects of the celebration and finally there is a note about the music of these liturgies. In addition there is a general handout on the Triduum which gives the opening rubrics to the whole 3 days, which are new to this edition, together with some general notes.

Palm Sunday 398.19 kB
Triduum 53.73 kB
Maundy Thursday 97.54 kB
Good Friday 105.85 kB
Easter Vigil 74.63 kB

Sacraments of Initiation at the Easter Vigil

A further handout has been prepared which outlines the various options for celebrating the Sacraments of Initiation etc. at the Easter Vigil.

Excerpts from the Roman Missal

A number of excerpts from the liturgies of Palm Sunday and the Easter Vigil are available in the Texts section of the website.