Parish Handouts

Family at Mass

These leaflets are intended for general parish use. They look at some of the key points of the new translation, explore the background and look at ways it can be understood.

Each section includes questions for reflection. One way of using the leaflets would be to distribute them when a homily is given on the same text.

Looking at the text

Why a new translation? 143.54 kB
The Lord be with you - And with your spirit 181.40 kB
Penitential Act 186.33 kB
The Liturgy of the Word 189.06 kB
The Creed 184.22 kB
The Preparation of Gifts 185.52 kB
Preface Dialogue 204.17 kB
Holy, Holy 148.61 kB
Institution Narrative 182.58 kB
Sign of Peace - Lamb of God 184.95 kB
Invitation to Communion 189.73 kB
Dismissal 181.07 kB

Going Deeper into the text

A short series of leaflets for interested people wishing to explore particular texts from historical, scriptural and spiritual perspectives.

Going Deeper: And with your spirit 185.39 kB
Going Deeper: Changes to the Creed 189.77 kB