Liturgical Signs - Mass, Prayers and Glossary in Sign Language

Liturgical Signs DVD

MAss, Prayers and Glossary in Sign Language

The Catholic Deaf Association has produced resources to assist priest and people to celebrate Mass with the 3rd edition of the Missal using sign language.

These include a DVD - Liturgical Signs: Mass, Prayers and Glossary in Sign Language. On the DVD there is a clear demonstration of the sign language for both priest and people for the Order of Mass as well as familiar traditional prayers.

Eileen Hosie, Chair of the Catholic Deaf Association has said:

We hope this DVD of Signs for the Mass from the new Roman Missal will give the Catholic Deaf community better access to the Church liturgies thus allowing them to gain their rightful place within the Church.

The DVD shows the richness of our Sign Language which is able to reflect theological nuances such as the word 'begotten'. Priest, Pastoral Workers,  Interpreters and volunteers will find this DVD a valuable resource.

For further information about the DVD and the facility to purchase copies go to

The Catholic Deaf Association is also revising its Sacramentary which provides material to assist Priests to sign the Proper Prayers of the Missal. Draft texts for Sundays are now available.