Mass Settings - end of transitional period

Missal music "And with your spirit"

In the preparations for the new translation of the Roman Missal it was recognised that singing would be one of the best ways to learn the new texts. The bishops therefore allowed settings of the new translation to be sung from Easter 2011 when the Order of Mass was introduced in September 2011.

It is approaching 3 years since this permission was given and the majority of parishes and schools have found settings of the parts of the Mass which suit their local situation and resources. Indeed there have been a large number of new settings written and older settings revised during this time.

The Bishops’ Conference has decided that from Pentecost Sunday, 8 June 2014 only settings of the Ordinary of the Mass using the new translation are permitted to be sung at Mass. From this date settings using the previous translation or paraphrased texts may no longer be used in parishes, schools and communities.