What books will be available?

The Catholic Truth Society is publishing the Roman Missal for the Church in England and Wales and also for Australia and Scotland. They are preparing 3 editions: an large Altar edition, a medium-size Chapel edition and a smaller portable/desk-sized edition. The full Missal will be published by November 2011.

For the period (from September 2011) when the Order of Mass is introduced CTS will publish an extract from the Missal of the Order of Mass for use by priests. This is expected to be available from June.

Texts for the people to use will be available from a variety of publishers. Publications including just the Order of Mass should be available from June; those which include more than that (i.e. collects) will be available at the same time as the full publication of the Altar Missal.

This website includes information about the various publications. It also offers the text in downloadable format for local printing.

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