What about music?


The translation of the majority of texts sung by the people at Mass is changing, for example the Gloria and the Sanctus. It is recognised that one of the simplest ways of introducing the new translation is to sing it and composers are working on new settings or reworking current settings to adapt to the new words.

One of the key features of the new edition of the Roman Missal is the amount of music it contains which is there both for practical use and to remind us of the integral place of music in the liturgy. The chants of Missal are offered as a basic, foundational setting for every parish which can be sung at any Mass, Sunday or weekday. To facilitate their use this website will offer the chants in versions suitable for inclusion in service leaflets.

Other settings of the new translation may be published after Easter 2011 and the Department for Christian Life and Worship has permitted that they may be used from then. The Department has published guidance to Composers and set up a process of permission to publish which any setting of the liturgical texts published in England and Wales has to be submitted to. A list of settings approved for publication so far has been published.

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