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New Translation of the Roman Missal


The new translation of the Roman Missal provides an opportunity for parishes and communities across England and Wales to deepen their understanding of the Mass. For Catholics the Mass is at the heart of our faith and the words we use and how we celebrate express and shape what we believe.

From the beginning of September parishes in England and Wales began to use the new translation of the Order of Mass. The new Altar Missals will be published in readiness for the full use of the translation from Advent. This website offers dioceses, parishes and communities, and individuals information and resources to assist the introduction of the Missal.

In About you will find answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the Missal and the translation.

In Resources there are materials for studying and downloading the texts and how we celebrate the liturgy.

In Music there are resources to encourage the use of the chants in the Missal and information for composers wishing to set the texts of the Missal.

In Videos you will find a series of clips breaking down the celebration of Mass using the New Translation into accessible segments.

In Publications are details of the Altar Missal and participation aids.

In Texts you will find extracts from the Missal including sample Order of Service sheets.