How will the new text be introduced?

The Bishops of England and Wales are aware that this is a significant change in the life of the Church here but they also see it as a time to deepen our understanding of and renew our faith in the Eucharist. For this reason they have asked that the text be introduced gradually and with accompanying catechesis.

4 September 2011 – use of the Order of Mass from the new translation in England & Wales; other texts such as Collects will remain in our current translation.

Accompanying the use of the Order of Mass from September to the end of November there will be catechesis on the Mass and the new translation.

Parishes will be encouraged to offer preparatory formation from May so that people are aware of the forthcoming changes and so that priests, deacons and lay liturgical ministers can assist with the reception of the translation.

The Order of Mass is the central body of the texts which are constant at every celebration of Mass. This includes the people’s responses and texts such as the Gloria and the Creed but also the Eucharistic Prayers.

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Timeline for the introduction of the translation
Roman Missal contents handout 170.40 kB

Parallel texts

Order of Mass 1973-2010 228.91 kB
Order of Mass 1973-Latin-2010 266.33 kB


When will the full text be used?

The full text will be used from the First Sunday of Advent 2011.Read more