How do we prepare in our parishes?

The process of introduction has two main stages: information and formation. Each diocese will be offering support in different ways according to the resources they have available and every parish is also different so though we will all begin to use the Order of Mass at the same time how we prepare for this will be a local decision. Many dioceses have already begun the process of preparation with training for clergy and days for lay people.


The initial stage is one of information — finding out what is happening and how it affects us. It is knowing that a new translation of the Missal is coming, what that means and having some basic initial questions answered.

To assist this stage there will be bulletin inserts and other material, as well as this and other websites.


The second stage of formation is about beginning to know and explore the text, understand some the ideas behind the new translation and looking at how we celebrate and the Church’s teaching on the Mass. This stage has two parts — preparation and implementation. Implementation is about introducing the Order of Mass is September — putting the text into practice and offering formation for the whole parish. Preparation is getting parishes ready for September — working with key groups such as liturgical ministers to consider the new translation and their role in the introduction.

The wide variety of resources in our 'Resources' section have been prepared to accompany the publication of the General Instruction will also be of interest and use. Above all we can respond to Bishop Roche’s invitation to join the prayers of Pope Benedict for introduction of the new translation.

‘This is a tremendous opportunity for the Church in England and Wales to learn about our faith and the Mass. I hope that parishes over the coming months will prepare for the introduction of the new translation with resources, such as Become One Body One Spirit in Christ and the materials being prepared by the Department for Christian Life and Worship and others. When the completion of the text was first announced Pope Benedict said: “Many will find it hard to adjust to unfamiliar texts after nearly forty years of continuous use of the previous translation.

The change will need to be introduced with due sensitivity, and the opportunity for catechesis that it presents will need to be firmly grasped. I pray that in this way any risk of confusion or bewilderment will be averted, and the change will serve instead as a springboard for a renewal and a deepening of Eucharistic devotion all over the English-speaking world.” I invite people to unite their prayers with those of the Holy Father for the introduction of the new translation.’

What is available to assist communities prepare for the new translation?

A wide range of material has been prepared to assist parishes and other communities prepare for and pray with the new translation. The material is available in a variety of styles of formats recognising that people engage with information and formation in different ways.

Visit our 'Resources' section. You will also find useful Order of Mass leaflets in our 'Texts' section. 


Become One Body One Spirit in Christ — interactive DVD