What is a Missal?

When we talk about a Missal we are generally talking about one of two books: The Roman Missal the official liturgical book which contains the texts prayed by priest and people at every celebration of Mass and a Sunday or Weekday Missal which is a compilation of texts from the Missal (the prayers) and the Lectionary (the readings) brought together to assist people‚Äôs participation in the Mass. 

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How has it been translated?

The translation has been prepared by ICEL. The International Commission on English in the Liturgy (ICEL) was founded in 1963 by a group of English-speaking b...Read more


What is this new translation?

A new translation of the Mass has been prepared for the English-speaking world. The current translation used in parishes in England and Wales was prepared in...Read more


Why a new translation?

There was a great desire following the Second Vatican Council to celebrate the renewed liturgy in the vernacular, for people to pray the Mass in their own la...Read more